Safety Tips

How to keep yourself safe on the streets

If you plan to go into the City, e.g. Britomart, Sky Tower and K'road etc, and you don’t know the area well or are not with someone that does, then I warn you not to stay at night. The city during the day time has many great stores to shop in and is relatively safe because there are so many people around.

Important Tips: Do NOT be distracted - always be aware of your surroundings and the people around you, especially when using Cellphones with earphones or Ipods

During the night

  • Do NOT ever take a shortcut down alleyways (dark OR lighted)
  • Do NOT approach any gang members (usually patches or matching coloured clothing)
  • Do NOT keep valuables in your backpack (easily stolen from behind)
  • Do NOT keep cash in your pockets (Keep in wallet & HOLD IT- don’t put in your bag)

During the day

  • While walking the streets be AWARE of yourself & how close others are around you.
  • Do NOT keep valuables in backpack ( easily stolen from behind in crowds )
  • Do NOT walk down alleyways without many people around you. (Street kids)
  • Time your trip ( be aware of bus times, taxi's & shop closing times )
  • Do NOT flash your money around, especially in front of teens & younger adults.
  • When asking for directions, DO NOT follow anyone or let someone lead you to "where you need to go" , they may not be as nice as they seem. ( if you notice them leading you away from crowds or into private looking hotel or apartment blocks STOP AND GO BACK TO WHERE YOU WERE.
  • Ask for directions, and take them yourself.
  • If hitch hiking, be careful! There are nasty people that may rip you off. It’s safer to catch buses.

Buses are a good form of transport. They are not overly expensive and taxi's cost more.

I advise to keep away from alleyways at night.

When clubbing, make sure you plan your ride home (via bus, friend, taxi etc) and make sure you set a time. YOU DON’T WANT TO BE STRANDED IN THE CITY AT NIGHT.

Street kids & young teens/adults or drunks do hang around the streets at night, usually praying on tourists. THIS IS NOT COMMON but does happen. So just be aware.